May 27, 2014 - 3 months ago - O

Zouis smoking a joint

Everyone is sitting here complaining about them smoking n the way to a venue …

1. they are not going straight to stage. They will be relaxing and getting prepared for hours before the show starts.

2. I would love to attend a show with them high as fuck because that shit will be hilarious. 

3. Its only weed … Alcohol is more dangerous and has worse effects then marijuania. Its not like they are shooting heroin or smoking crack

4. Ya’ll are a bunch of hypocrites. I have been to plenty parties where people are blazing up in a basement. My best friend smokes and she is a wonderful person. 

5. If I had there job I would always have a joint in my hand. The fact that there is so much talk over this from their crazy psychotic “fans” is stressful. Because their fans think they own them they cannot go outside without getting mobbed. If weed gets them through then let me buy them some and light it for them. 


July 31, 2013 - 1 year ago - O


I repeat Liam Payne does not have a girlfriend ( at east that we know of).

This GQ interview where he mentions that he is not single was taken while they were playing at the O2 Arena at the start of their world tour in February 2013.

If you recall Liam and Danielle did not break up until may/June of 2013, so this interview was taken while they were still together.

Fan girls may now breathe in the hope of their marriage to the Payne.

✌ Out

July 31, 2013 - 1 year ago - O

GQ Interview

I agree with what everyone is saying about the GQ interview, it was rude and disrespectful and parts.


I think the main issue was the journalist chosen to cover the story of One Direction was a 30 year old man with no real background knowledge on the band. And what little research he did was only superficial or just hearsay of what everyone hears about the band when they are not a fan.

Truthfully, I think the GQ magazine is the wrong demographic to have a cover story about One Direction. That magazine is targeted at older men … Not people who are fans of One Direction, so to make the interview relatable and interesting to their avid traders, they focused in comparisons to other rock bands, name dropping other celebrities, and used Harry’s rumored sex life to draw in their readers.

In all it was a decent decision made for their continuous readers, HOWEVER it is rude and disrespectful to those who actually care about the band and follow them.

July 27, 2013 - 1 year ago - J

Remembering my time at the Meet and Greet in Detroit. Now I know I don’t look the best in the pics but whatever best moment ever. After this we were escorted to the sound check where we were seated front row center in front of like 4 rows of girls already seated … Felt like some celebrity shot right there! I felt kinda bad that all these people paid hundreds of dollars for theses passes when we got them for free … Good thing my uncle is a big shot at meijer and nabisco hooked us up! Best day ever

May 14, 2012 - 2 years ago - J

Talking to a stranger